Welcome to The UK National e-Invoicing Forum

The UK National e-Invoicing Forum was set up in 2010 as a self-funded initiative of industry associations, public sector bodies and solution providers to promote e-Invoicing in the UK public and private sectors; and also to ensure expert UK input to the EU Commission Multi-Stakeholder Forum on e-Invoicing, so that emerging EU policy - and its implementation - supports UK public and private interests.

The Forum is chaired by Nigel Taylor, Taulia. Vice-Chair is Kerry Jones, Department of Business, Innovation & Skills. 

The EU Commission requested that all Member States to set up a formal National Multi-stakeholder e-invoicing forum by June 2011, to ensure a balanced, public and private input on the essential common standards and legal framework which will apply to e-invoicing across the EU. The UKNeF's first objective was to ensure the United Kingdom was fully represented within the multi-stakeholder forum. We successfully highlighted this opportunity to the UK Government who recognised the expertise within the group and requested we send two candidates who represented;
1.      The United Kingdom's  e-Invoicing service providers
2.      The United Kingdom's 4.8 million small and medium enterprises
Participating in the European Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Electronic Invoicing on behalf of the United Kingdom and the UKNeF are;
·         Charles Bryant, Tungsten Network
·         Nigel Taylor, Taulia
The UKNeF continues to promote the benefits of e-Invoicing to the UK Public Sector and the wider UK economy, meeting regularly at the Houses of Parliament and engaging with MPs and Cabinet Advisors.
The EU e-Invoicing initiative forms part of the EU Digital Single Market programme and contributes much reduced administration costs for government and small business loans, more transparent tax audits, reduced carbon footprint, and easier access to working capital for SMEs. Its benefits are mentioned in the March 2011 study by the Office of Fair Trading: Commissioning and Competition in the Public Sector.
Ref. http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/sectors/ict/files/com712_en.pdf

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